Weddings are a one in a lifetime event and everything should always be close to perfect to make this day worthwhile and memorable starting from the decorations to the wedding photos. The wedding photos will always make you remember that special day hence it is good to invest in a good photographer that will capture the best times in the wedding with amazing pictures.

Wedding photography has changed over the years as people nowadays prefer to have a professional to get the job done instead of taking the pictures by themselves. In order to get the best pics, the following top wedding tips may be of help:


Do your research well about some of the best wedding photographers

Always ask from other married couples about the best photographer they have ever hired. Also, you can look online for some of the best wedding photographers by looking up at their portfolio and some of their work.

Sign a contract

Before hiring the photographer, it is always advisable to put down the contract in black and white just to ensure that there is no breach of contract. In case anything goes wrong, you can always sue the service provider. This will also keep the photographer in check and ensure that they deliver according to the expectations. Always make it formal.

Have a realistic workable time schedule

Before the wedding shoot, make sure that you have organized a list of where you would like the pictures to be taken, the list of people to be taken and the time. Let your wedding photographer work with these so that the results are close to what you wanted.

Meet the photographer beforehand for a pre wedding shoot

Wedding photography agencies usually have very many photographers. Before the wedding, always make sure that you get to interview the photographers and hire the one you click with. It is also advisable to plan a pre-wedding photoshoot with the photographer you have hired to test if you will be satisfied with their work.

Make sure that the photography gear is well and in perfect condition

Romantic Gifts For Her

Valentine’s day flies in on February 14th on cherubic wings, giving you a chance to show your beloved how much she means to you. Whilst this is a special day to acknowledge your darling and your love for her, romantic gifts can be given on any day of the year that you want to show her how much you love her, or to say thank you for being your lover, your best friend, your strongest supporter.

If you’re out of town for any reason, it’s very romantic to send a gift whilst you’re away or to leave a gift for her to cherish in your absence. Here are a few ideas from to help you show her how much she means to you:

Say it with flowers

flowersYou may think that flowers are a cliché for a romantic gift, but most women love flowers and when they are gifted by someone special, they will make her heart flutter. Many flowers are symbolic of love and romance. Most popular are red roses representing passion and love, but did you know that Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart; a daisy conveys loyal love and red and white carnations symbolize love, pride and admiration; innocence and pure love? Choose flowers in her favourite colours and create a bouquet that represents all you want to say.

If you would prefer to have a gift that lasts longer than cut flowers, buy a potted plant that you can keep indoors or plant out in your yard. If you’ve the space, buy a tree such as a wisteria tree that symbolises romance and the mysteries of a great and enduring love. Plant the tree together and watch it grow.

For an everlasting flower that can be easily stored and can be used for romantic candle-lit dinners you plan to have in the future, consider a long stem rose crafted from porcelain, or a real rose glazed or dipped in precious metal.

Presenting the class of March 2016

There are a few uniques about our Photographic Entrepreneur courses that make us work hard long before the delegates arrive. One of them is that we make sure that the delegates are from different parts of the UK so that they’re not competing each other. It takes a bit of time with our scheduling but it is really worth it.

photo_1By having 8 delegates that aren’t competing with each other we can have some open conversions about each others businesses, share experiences and offer each other valuable inspiration and ideas. On our last course we had an equine photographer, two studio owners, commercial photographers, a location portrait photographer and some wedding photographers. It was truly wonderful to see them gelling as a group not only during the course but also late into each evening at the pub and restaurants.

What we have found is that due to the passion that we put into courses and relationships that everyone makes over the 4 days, everyone keeps in touch long after the course is over. Our alumni from last year still meet up for dinner very few months.

Well the alumni for our March course are no different. In fact we were overjoyed with how well everyone got on, absorbed everything we had to teach and then discuss it long into the night.

Julia Boggio Studios Launch party

What do you buy a photographer who has everything? Every birthday and Christmas Julia buys me a gift that has had so much thought put into it, it makes my frantically bought perfume from a service station on the M4 seem a little, um, weak. Two years ago my gift to Julia was a cashflow and budget that showed that we could not only have a new studio a year in advance of our business plan, it could be as glamorous as Julia herself! Hopefully that will make up for the Channal No 5 and John-Paul Goaty hastily bought from Heston services.

I’ll be discussing how to establish a successful studio in future blogs but for now I want to share with you the stunning launch party of our London studio. All the very best people from the Wedding industry came and had a wonderful evening and you can read what some of them had to say about our fabulous party on Rock n’Roll Bride and Rock My Wedding.

Julia Boggio Studios – Reuters case study

Follow hot on the high heels of our Sunday Times business article we’re now the subject of a Reuters case study that is being sold worldwide. Yikes! Reuters sent a small camera team and spent a day with us filming Julia during one of our now infamous Vintage Boudoir shoots.

The purpose of the film is to highlight how Julia Boggio Studios is bucking the trend of the recession and still growing. The secret of our success? Solid planning, calculated risks and a slightly disturbing fixation of our daily cashflow!

The Photographic Entrepreneur – training in the business of photography, delivered by business people

We have been delighted with how much we have been able to help give new photography businesses a clear direction and also give existing business a massive boost. At heart we’re all wonderfully creative people but without a solid business grounding our businesses, well, they might not be doing business. It warms our hearts every… Continue reading The Photographic Entrepreneur – training in the business of photography, delivered by business people