Romantic Gifts For Her

Valentine’s day flies in on February 14th on cherubic wings, giving you a chance to show your beloved how much she means to you. Whilst this is a special day to acknowledge your darling and your love for her, romantic gifts can be given on any day of the year that you want to show her how much you love her, or to say thank you for being your lover, your best friend, your strongest supporter.

If you’re out of town for any reason, it’s very romantic to send a gift whilst you’re away or to leave a gift for her to cherish in your absence. Here are a few ideas from to help you show her how much she means to you:

Say it with flowers

flowersYou may think that flowers are a cliché for a romantic gift, but most women love flowers and when they are gifted by someone special, they will make her heart flutter. Many flowers are symbolic of love and romance. Most popular are red roses representing passion and love, but did you know that Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart; a daisy conveys loyal love and red and white carnations symbolize love, pride and admiration; innocence and pure love? Choose flowers in her favourite colours and create a bouquet that represents all you want to say.

If you would prefer to have a gift that lasts longer than cut flowers, buy a potted plant that you can keep indoors or plant out in your yard. If you’ve the space, buy a tree such as a wisteria tree that symbolises romance and the mysteries of a great and enduring love. Plant the tree together and watch it grow.

For an everlasting flower that can be easily stored and can be used for romantic candle-lit dinners you plan to have in the future, consider a long stem rose crafted from porcelain, or a real rose glazed or dipped in precious metal.

Up in the clouds

Make her smile with a heart shaped balloon announcing ‘I love you’ or buy a selection of balloons to display around the house for her to find when she wakes in the morning with the coffee that you’ve made just for her. You can choose from a wide selection of styles with balloons in the shape of a bee ‘Bee Mine’ a balloon with a picture of a naughty smile and a kiss or a balloon saying ‘I adore you’.

All that glitters

You may want to buy your lover a piece of jewellery that she will adore. This doesn’t have to be 24 karat gold and large gemstones, so don’t worry if your budget is a bit tight. Check what jewellery she wears already to get an idea as to what she likes and whether it’s simply styled or if she likes things bright and sparkly. If jewellery is for a very special occasion, a timeless piece can have a single gem for a classic look or a cluster of smaller gems for the girl who likes a bold look. Popular gems are pearls, amethyst, jade, and diamonds or choose her birthstone for a personal touch. Synthetic stones can also look like the real thing, so don’t ignore those in your search.

Generally rings are less expensive than necklaces, bracelets, and earrings because there is less to them, but if you’re not yet engaged, be careful buying a ring as she may think you’re proposing. Consider antique jewellery or jewellery from the second-hand market too. If you’re not sure what to buy, organise a shopping date with her so you can share the experience and have fun. Combine this with lunch date, to make a perfect day out.

Cakes and Chocolate Gifts

chocolateHow better than to express your appreciation of the sweetest person in your life with chocolates or cake. Create a hamper of her favourite chocolates. If you’ve the time, bake her a cake. If you haven’t the skill, ask someone who does to help you or follow a video recipe online. She’ll be delighted at the effort you’ve made on her behalf and you may just surprise yourself with the results too.